Our company  provides the implementation and support of ERP-solutions on the SAP platform: HCM, Logistics, Finance modules and other areas. it's difficult to talk about advantages and differences on the SAP consulting market,  otherwise it's possible to talk  about a professional approach and flexibility:

  • We use "change management" approach  in the implementationW. This approach implies direct work with employees of the enterprise and their involvement in the process of business transformation and documentation of this process..
  • We adhere to the methodology of ASAP and PMBok standards, our comany is certified according to ISO 9001-2011.
  • We provide support for  SLA, that is, we are legally responsible for the speed of response and the efficiency of the supported system.
  • We monitor changes in legislation and adapt the system to meet the new requirements of government agencies. This can be a separate project or part of activities for system supporting.

Our company has the status of SAP Service Partner. The competencies oourconsultants and developers cover all major SAP modules, and we also have access to a powerful resource base.


  • Support for legislative reporting on HR.
  • Our product HRbot is reduced the burden on the personnel department and accounting.

We issue quarterly "SAP ERP  Updates Digest for Russia" in Russian and English.

In the articles we share our experience in solving specific technical and business problems. These materials are read by thousands of our colleagues.


  • Implementation of ERP company - partner of "1C", which provides services for the development, implementation and maintenance of enterprise information management systems (systems ERP) for corporate clients on the basis of the technological platform "1C: Enterprise" Read More

    Implementation of ERP company - partner of "1C", which provides services for the development, implementation and maintenance of enterprise information management systems (systems ERP) for corporate clients on the basis of the technological platform "1C: Enterprise" Program "1C" - a dozen types of decisions and hundreds of applications development for enterprises of different activities. More than 8 years of work, "Sato Consulting" has acquired extensive experience in implementation and maintenance of software products "1C" in companies with various industry-specific. Implementation of programs "1C" can significantly reduce both financial and human costs of the company. With the implementation of ERP systems based on the platform of "1C: Enterprise" we automate any business process of your company from routine daily business processes, information transmission and processing, to online processing of requests and customer orders. Automation of business processes - is to raise the efficiency of management and organization of work, new possibilities for the development and improvement of the company. ERP system - a set of integrated applications that are complex in a single information space, support all major aspects of the management of the company, creating a corporate information system of the enterprise. Automation of the company through the implementation of ERP system simplifies the task of analysis, planning, management and financial accounting of the enterprise, as well as to provide maximum control over the management of business processes in the company.


  • HR-KIOSK to simplify the HR-procesess data input. Read More

    A self-service kiosk for large enterprises reduces the burden on the HR department through automating similar requests.

    • This Kiosk is integrated with system SAP or 1C.
    • You can install an advertising module too.  
    • There are possibility to extend additional features.


    With the help of a self-service kiosk, employees can ...

    • PRINT PAYMENT SHEET. Creted automatically and printed on the built-in printer.

    TO KNOW THE VACATION BALANCE ON THE DATE. The Kiosk makes a query to the database, calculates the rest of the leave and displays the response on the screen.

    VACATION REQUEST. The application is generated  the requst and sent to the head for approval. The employee receives a message about the result.

    REQUEST FOR STATEMENT. It is possible to request statement for the bank or tax authorities.

    Usually these operations are performed manually - the employee comes to the personnel department, the accountant looks for their requests and prints the necessary documents. Sometimes additional calculations are required.

    The effect from the introduction of HR-kiosk is  20 procent of time reducting for HR reeuest proceeding  at enterprises with a headcount of more than 1,000 people.


    On request, the kiosk can be expanded.


    • Management of business trips - starting the approval procesess.
    • Calculation KPI - shows the employee current achievements and plan.


    You can display news and notifications on the screen.

    Leasing the module in rent will allow you to pay back the installation faster.


    • Installation, connection and setup take five to seven days.
    • Formulation of requirements - what functions the kiosk will perform.
    • Configuring the plug-in for 1C or SAP and the kiosk itself.
    • Delivery and installation of the kiosk
    • Running.
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